HELP: how to generate sound-files for gnomeapps????

Dont know if this posting finally made it to the list, if so i am sorry for the


i looked around, read the gnome-FAQ (found absolutely nothing), asked a few
people, but still don't get it working.....

i am using the gnome version that comes with debian-woody, esd is running, i
sample my sounds using esdrec with esdcat i can play them without problems, but
no way to get them into a format that will let them use by any gnome-program as
say gnomeicq.....

So what path have i to follow to come from the output of esdrec to a sound file
that may be understood by a gnomeapp? 

I found absolutely no docu about that, even looking at the docu of esd i found
no hint about the format of the generated soundfiles .... file reports that is
is simple data....

I used sox to convert the esd-result to wav, but this does not seem to work,
BTW what are the programs to play wav files, so that i may test the wav files
generated by sox?

any help appreciated!
BTW i subscribed to this list, but i didn't get any response, so please enclose
a CC to me personally if answering.

ciao bboett
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