Re: [gtk-list] Anti-aliased fonts (was: GdkFonts (or rather, fonts in X))

Derek Simkowiak <> writes:

> 	So: What do we need to do to automagically take advantage of the
> new anti-aliased fonts in XFree86 4.0?  Can we get this into Gtk+ 1.4?

Does XFree86 4.0 really support anti-aliased text? The RELNOTES and
README.font don't mention this *at all*. If it really does, where can I
find more information about this?

AFAICR, all I've ever heard or read about this were posts to
mailing-list or USENET and never an official statement from the XFree86

Bernhard Herzog   | Sketch, a drawing program for Unix  |

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