Re: gtk-term widget?

> >Zvt isn't gnome dependent, just cut-and-paste it if you have a
> >"gnome-libs bad" complex.
> Not a very nice thing to say, Havoc.  He's probably like a lot of us that
> growing more and more concerned with the assimilation of Gtk by Gnome.
> soon the two will be one, and our executables will require 20M worth of
> libraries to run.  I'm starting to sense an "if your not with us, you're
> us" philosophy coming from both the KDE and Gnome developers, and it's
> exceedingly harder to stay "Desktop Neutral".  The only thing left is:
> if(!kde_compliant(pid))
>     kill(pid,9)
> or the Gnome equiv embedded in the WM somewhere...
> I write this half-joking.  I use Helix Gnome w/ kfm + Kmail.  But as I see
> and more of the cooler widgets being Gnome-o-tized, and Gtk getting the
> leftovers, it makes this Gtk developer nervous.
> Matthew

Desktop neutrality is important to me as well, but I haven't noticed what
you describe, Matthew - I was actually under the impression that some of the
Gnome widgets were moving into GTK in upcoming releases (you may or may-not
feel that this is a good thing, of course) ... am I missing something here?

Timothy M. Shead

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