Re: gtk-term widget?

>Zvt isn't gnome dependent, just cut-and-paste it if you have a
>"gnome-libs bad" complex.

Not a very nice thing to say, Havoc.  He's probably like a lot of us that are
growing more and more concerned with the assimilation of Gtk by Gnome.  Pretty
soon the two will be one, and our executables will require 20M worth of
libraries to run.  I'm starting to sense an "if your not with us, you're against
us" philosophy coming from both the KDE and Gnome developers, and it's
exceedingly harder to stay "Desktop Neutral".  The only thing left is:


or the Gnome equiv embedded in the WM somewhere...

I write this half-joking.  I use Helix Gnome w/ kfm + Kmail.  But as I see more
and more of the cooler widgets being Gnome-o-tized, and Gtk getting the
leftovers, it makes this Gtk developer nervous.


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