Re: [gtk-list] Re: A Super Text Widget Thingy

On Mon, Jan 03, 2000 at 11:55:16AM -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> As great as XEmacs is (I use FSF Emacs, but...), it would make a poor
> standard text widget.
> Think about all the issues involved in making XEmacs look like a 
> standard text widget to those who don't know emacs...
>  - Is cut and paste consistent with user interface standards?
>  - What do you do in the cases where standard emacs keybindings conflict
>    with the keybindings users expect (C-x / C-c / C-v to start with)
>  - How does it handle line wrapping
>  - What happens if you switch buffers inside the text widget?
> Etc. Now, it would be nice if user's had the choice of using an
> embedded XEmacs where that was natural, but I would certainly not want
> to be the standard text widget. (Forgetting about issues of
> dependencies, programming interfaces, internationalization (I don't
> want to deal with Mule in GTK+!), etc.)

That's why I thought it would be best to start from scratch when
writing it. If GTK+ had a widget like this, it would be miles ahead of
any other GUI toolkit out there...

And by starting from scratch, we can also leave behind the "features"
that are left over from Emacs being a text mode program. By this, I
mean making the menubar replace (or be an alternative to) keyboard
macros, etc.


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