Re: [gtk-list] Re: A Super Text Widget Thingy wrote:

> On Mon, 03 Jan 2000 11:55:16 EST, Owen Taylor <>  said:
> > As great as XEmacs is (I use FSF Emacs, but...), it would make a poor
> > standard text widget.
> >
> > Think about all the issues involved in making XEmacs look like a
> > standard text widget to those who don't know emacs...
> >
> >  - Is cut and paste consistent with user interface standards?
> >  - What do you do in the cases where standard emacs keybindings conflict
> >    with the keybindings users expect (C-x / C-c / C-v to start with)
> >  - How does it handle line wrapping
> >  - What happens if you switch buffers inside the text widget?
> There is already code in XEmacs to support being an embedded widget, though
> I've not tested it, nor can I remember offhand when it was last known working.
> Another big concern is launch time and memory footprint - do you
> *REALLY* want a text widget that has a 8M binary, and startup times to
> match?  If you're looking into supporting this, finding a way to embed
> 'gnuclient' to connect to an already-running Emacs or XEmacs would be
> a *hell* of a lot faster...
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You know...

Text entry is one of those things that is a personal preference
thing.  Is it possible to use Corba  or Bonobo (or whatever) components
to get whataver text  entry widget you choose?

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