How to create scales for range widgets?

Hi all,

I've been going nuts over this and can't believe there isn't a built in
mechanism in GTK to do it.  Bascially, I'm trying to attach a numeric
scale onto a range widget.  I've attached a (very small) gif.  It
consists of a gtk table (the scale) that sits next to a range widget,
which lies on top of a text box.  They're all put together and make a
nice little slider.

BUT I CAN'T GET THE DAMN SCALING TO MATCH!!!  It does sometimes, but the
whole business of setting up a scale index like this is pretty tough.
Since the range widget has to have an idea about this sort of thing
internally ... I'm thinking it should be easier that way.

Help?  Somebody has to have addressed this already.


Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

GIF image

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