broadcast signals?

I have an app that is a configuration tool for a list of machines.  I need
a way to tell a set of widgets to update their values when a user clicks
on a new machine in the list.  I figured signals were the way to go.
Basically, I'd have each of the widgets "listen" for a certain "update"

Throwing one more bit of complexity into it, I'd like to do it in sets.
I'm not sure if that requires multiple signals or not.

Background: CTree with a list of machines. Notebook (~10 pages) with all
of the configuration information.  I'd like to be able to update the
current page first.  So, if page 3 was up, and a new machine was selected,
I'd like to update page 3's widgets first to reduce noticable delay.

Is there a good way of doing this?


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