Re: Fwd: Keys accelerator, bindings

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000 wrote:

> I have keys accelerators on my main window, but i have a text entry which
> must handle key_press_event, so when the entry has the focus accelerators
> doesn't work anymore ..

 Your handler for key_press_event should return FALSE in case it
didn't handle the event (so the event will be propagated to parent widgets). 
If it returned TRUE, the event won't be propagated to parent widgets. It seems
that your handler doesn't obey this rule and always returns TRUE.

> In fact i want main window keys accelerators to have the priority on all
> others widgets.
> How could i resolve this ?
> What is the difference between gtk bindings functions and defining
> accelerators ?
> If gtk bindings is useful for me, is there any doc ?
> thanks.

 Best regards,

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