Re: How to create scales for range widgets?

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, David J. Topper wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been going nuts over this and can't believe there isn't a built in
> mechanism in GTK to do it.  Bascially, I'm trying to attach a numeric
> scale onto a range widget.  I've attached a (very small) gif.  It
> consists of a gtk table (the scale) that sits next to a range widget,
> which lies on top of a text box.  They're all put together and make a
> nice little slider.
> BUT I CAN'T GET THE DAMN SCALING TO MATCH!!!  It does sometimes, but the
> whole business of setting up a scale index like this is pretty tough.
> Since the range widget has to have an idea about this sort of thing
> internally ... I'm thinking it should be easier that way.

 Could you post your stripped-down source (probably with main function) to 
help us helping you?
 I addressed this about half a year ago without any problems.
> Help?  Somebody has to have addressed this already.
> Thanks,
> DT
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> Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

 Best regards,

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