Re: GDK--

> Hi All,
> OK -here's the dealy.  I'm trying to develop an image viewer.
> Basically, my core programme is akin to that of Cellular Automata,
> right?  I'd like to use GDK/GTK (in the minus-minus incarnations of
> each/both)  in order to view the changes in the CA as they happen,
> see?  It was suggested that I use GDK for the purpose, since, I have to
> manipulate individual pixels.   The problem I'm having is quite basic,
> seeing as there is no really helpful documentation of the GDK--
> libraries.  How do I get a window to be created and displayed?  Just a
> blank one will do....

See the example scribble-simple in the gtk-- package.  It demostrates
a drawing area, allocation of colors and pushing pixels.  
Note that you should also consider canvas or opengl if you want
to do something which requires more than primative operations.
The GtkDrawingArea ia the basic widget you should use.  

Further questions of gtk-- would be best answered on the gtk--
mailling list.

Hope it help.


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