Re: [gtk-list] Help gtk_widget_set_uposition

Koichiro Kato wrote:

>   Hello.
>   I am newbe of GTK program. and I want to control
>   window's size & position by GTK application.
>   Window size is O.K, but can't control the position
>   from origin root window.

Reply myself:

OS: Debian GNU Linux 2.1 ( Slink Version )

I changed fvwm95.rc as folows.

# NoPPosition instructs fvwm to ignore the PPosition field in window
# geometry hints. Emacs annoyingly sets PPosition to (0,0)!
#Style "*" NoPPosition   <---- comment out this line

And gtk_widget_set_upotion() works well.
I want to know what is geometry hints, but now I'm satisfied.

                          Koichiro Kato

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