Re: [gtk-list] Re: window placement upon startup

Erik Mouw wrote:

> > yes, that is the one that doesn't work before the X window
> > gets mapped. All this might be bug in KWM, but that doesn't
> > make it less annyoing,
> And if you realize the widget first?
>   gtk_widget_realize(widget);
>   gtk_widget_set_uposition(GTK_WIDGET(widget), xpos, ypos);
>   gtk_widget_show();

I'm quite sure I tried every combination of multiple calls,
before and after mapping, showing, realizing etc, no effect.
What amazes me is that other applications (Netscape, StarOffice,
KDE) apparently can position the windows before they come up,
so there must be a way. I somehow suspect that the geometry
hints for GtkWindow can be used for this, but their syntax
is a msytery for me,


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