Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gtk-Perl & GnomeStock

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Dermot Musgrove <> writes:
> > Unlike Gtk, the string literals seem to bear no regular relationship to
> > the constant names, it looks like the enums were each coded to a 
> > different standard - and who thought of "Button_Ok" with a little K? 
> > I ahve asked Lupus for a module that would provide all the enums but 
> > he said it would be difficult/unnecessary to generate from the header 
> > files in the same way that Keysyms are.
> For enumerations, there is a precisely defined standard way to
> get the 'nicknames' for the header files for GTK+.
> The algorithm is:
>  take all the enumeration values,
>  remove any prefix common to all values
>  lower-case the result, replacing _ with -.

I have now read your email more carefully and looked at .h files but as I 
was originally trying to say, Gtk is predictable and understandable but 
Gnome seems to work to some other standard(s). 

AFAIK, using the Perl/Gtk bindings, we have to use the 'nicknames' and I 
made the silly assumption that Gnome enums could be converted using the 
same logic as Gtk enums (which was obvious even to me). 

However, what is the logic that converts:
 'GNOME_STOCK_BUTTON_OK'        => "Button_Ok",

 'GNOME_STOCK_MENU_SAVE_AS'     => "Save As",

and even worse
 'GNOME_STOCK_MENU_MAIL_NEW'    => "New Mail",
 'GNOME_STOCK_PIXMAP_SRCHRPL'   => "Search/Replace",

A lookup is the only way that I can see to convert many of the GNOME_ enums
to values that Perl/Gtk (and Gnome) can handle. If I am wrong, and I would
like to be, please tell me so that I don't have to hard code the lookups
into my code (several Kb and a PITA to check and maintain) :-)

Regards, Dermot

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