Re: [gtk-list] Re: how can I trust glib when it has so many mem leaks?

   > I don't really see that this is much of a problem.  Yes, it's got all
   > that VM in your process space, but if it's unused you're not using up
   > any physical memory with it.  Big swap spaces on disk are cheap.

   So you have to create a 1 gigabyte swap partition because, you are
   running 10 processes for a year, each of which, even for only 1 second
   at some random time during the year, might grow to 100 MB! That is
   rediculous! I do think this is a problem. You should only need 100 MB
   swap, unless you really do need to use the memory at the same time!

The memory behavior you're describing would be odd, to say the least.
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