Re: [gtk-list] Re: how can I trust glib when it has so many mem leaks?

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>         >
>         > Arrrgh! I hate it when programs do this! X used to do this and it was
>         > extremely annoying. You had to restart your X server every so often
>         > because its memory usage would just grow and grow and never shrink. If
>         > you ran a graphically intense program that made X allocate a lot of
>         > pixmaps and your X server grew to 30 MB, then, that was it, it stays at
>         > 30 MB till the end of time (or until you restart the X server). I think
>         > Emacs used to do this as well.
> I don't really see that this is much of a problem.  Yes, it's got all
> that VM in your process space, but if it's unused you're not using up
> any physical memory with it.  Big swap spaces on disk are cheap.

So you have to create a 1 gigabyte swap partition because, you are
running 10 processes for a year, each of which, even for only 1 second
at some random time during the year, might grow to 100 MB! That is
rediculous! I do think this is a problem. You should only need 100 MB
swap, unless you really do need to use the memory at the same time!

Michael Babcock
Jim Henson's Creature Shop - Los Angeles

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