Re: [gtk-list] Re: slow load bc of drawing area

> BTW, you mentioned file size; PNG or something will be much smaller than
> an XPM. libpng should be portable. Of course you'll have to do some work
> to get from that to a GdkPixmap since you can't use Imlib. (But check the
> AbiWord sources, they must have this code.)

Actually, the tiles aren't the problem.  The map file is big bc I'm using
a 256 x 256 array of structs which contain two ints.  One matches up with
an enum to determine the terrain type.  The other is an integer flag for
things like passability.

I'm sure that I can get that down, bc Starcraft, Warcraft, etc. all use
large tile-based maps that aren't nearly that large (of course they may be
doing compression).  In any case, that aspect really isn't a GTK problem.

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