Perl/GTK ItemFactory... does it work?

Perhaps I just don't know what I'm doing :), but I'm trying to create a
GtkItemFactory like so:

$factory = Gtk::ItemFactory->new('menu_bar', "<Main>", $accel_group);

Where $accel_group is, of course, the accel group I created earlier.  But
I'm getting the following error all the time:

assertion `gtk_type_is_a (container_type, GTK_TYPE_MENU_SHELL)'

Of course, I striped out a bit of the error, but that's the gist... but
the thing is, a 'menu_bar' is a menu_shell child, so this assertion
*should* be true.  Am I doing something really wrong here?  Any help would
be appreciated. :)

BTW, there's no examples on use of the ItemFactory with the latest
Perl/GTK package, so I'm winging it here using the example C code which
comes with Gtk+ and doing my best to translate it.


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