Re: [gtk-list] Re:Basic Beginners Installation quest ion

As the well known Moya Piernavieja Rodrigo said...
->>I am trying to install gimp on a linux computer at school where we  all
->>have our own user accounts. I was hoping to install it in my account
->>without write access to root. (Tell me if I am dreaming already...)
->No you are not dreaming, it is possible.

	Well... This is possible, yes... But I don't think the school sysadmin
	will really like to see a user account filled with glib/gtk/the gimp
	(something like 40/60M for everything, no ?). It should be best to ask
	to your sysadmin first (two reason : he may not be ok, and if he is ok,
	he should do that better (since the install will be avalaible for
	all users))


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