Re:[gtk-list] Basic Beginners Installation question

>I am trying to install gimp on a linux computer at school where we  all
>have our own user accounts. I was hoping to install it in my account
>without write access to root. (Tell me if I am dreaming already...)
No you are not dreaming, it is possible.

>I managed to untar the gtk+-1.2.3.tar.gz and ran the ./configure without
>any problems.
>Then the README and INSTALL file tell me to run 'make'
>So I type make, hit enter and get:
>make: *** No targets. Stop.

Was there any error message from ./configure? The error you are getting is because configure didn't generate the Makefiles needed for make, so I guess there must have been a problem when running configure. I gues it must be about not finding glib. Did you compile and install it?

Other thing, to install it without being root, you should run configure with the 
--prefix=/dir/to/install option in the command line (that is: ./configure --prefix=...), specifying a directory where you have write access (for example, /home/you), so that 'make install' does not fail. You can get a list of available options by running './configure --help'.

Hope this helps

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