Re: [gtk-list] Re: alignment oddity

As the well known Owen Taylor said...

->(Would anybody like to write up a FAQ entry on aligning
	[off topic, as allways. If you want to get all my mails,
	do a grep on 'off topic' :)]
	Not in the GTK FAQ. I really think that the GTK FAQ 
	presents some common problems in install, compile, and
	first programs. There should be another FAQ, perhaps
	some kind of Programmers FAQ, with code snippets, and so
	on (in the spirit of the bsp tree FAQ, for example).

	The question on this FAQ could look like :

	<sect1><bf>How to</bf> set alignement and justification of a label widget ?
	blah blah blah...
	I want to know : does this seems to be a good idea or not ?

->                                        Owen

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