BUG in gtk_scrolled_window ?


I'm experiencing what I think is a fairly large bug when using

The problem goes as follows...

I create a clist or ctree, and then use gtk_scrolled_window_new, passing
either the adjustments from the list/tree as arguments, or passing both
as NULL. (I'm not certain which i should be doing).

However, once I add the list/ctree to the scrolled window container, any
events that occur, including clicking on an item, resizing the main
program window, or expanding a tree, seems to increase the _horizontal_
logical size of the scrolled window. This has the undesired effect of
shrinking the horizontal scrollbar by more and more the longer the
application is being used.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong in the creation stage, but I've found
this bug to be prominent in 1.1.12, and still in 1.1.13.

If anyone could acknowledge this as a bug, or offer a solution, I'd be


Lee Mallabone.

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