Re: GtkEntry specific accelerators

>>>>> "A" == Alexander Kotelnikov <> writes:

 A> On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Sean Christopher Rhea wrote:
 >> If I want to catch a specific key only when the focus is in a
 >> specific GtkEntry, is there a convenient way to do this?  I have a
 >> GtkEntry for a number, and when '+' is pressed, I want the number
 >> incremented instead of a '+' being entered in the field.

 A> Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen a widget (GtkEntry?) with two
 A> 'sticked' triangle buttons 'up' & 'down' pressing 'up' had to
 A> increase value, 'down' decrease it.  It was in one of examples, I
 A> think. If somebody know what I'm about -- let 'list' know too.

You could be talking about the spin button...


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