Re: BUG in gtk_scrolled_window ?

Lee <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm experiencing what I think is a fairly large bug when using
> gtk_scrolled_window's.
> The problem goes as follows...
> I create a clist or ctree, and then use gtk_scrolled_window_new, passing
> either the adjustments from the list/tree as arguments, or passing both
> as NULL. (I'm not certain which i should be doing).
> However, once I add the list/ctree to the scrolled window container, any
> events that occur, including clicking on an item, resizing the main
> program window, or expanding a tree, seems to increase the _horizontal_
> logical size of the scrolled window. This has the undesired effect of
> shrinking the horizontal scrollbar by more and more the longer the
> application is being used.
> Perhaps I am doing something wrong in the creation stage, but I've found
> this bug to be prominent in 1.1.12, and still in 1.1.13.
> If anyone could acknowledge this as a bug, or offer a solution, I'd be
> grateful.

Well, nobody else is seeing this problem. So:

 - First check if it occur in testgtk? If it does, 
   then there is probably something about your system
   that is triggering the bug. So, we'll have to 
   know something about your system. (See the "Reporting Bugs"
   section of the tutorial)

 - If it doesn't occur in testgtk, then you should  
   try to figure out what you are doing differently.

   If you can't find anything you are doing wrong, then
   create a short test program that exhibits the problem
   and post it here. Either somebody will be able
   to tell you how to fix your problem, or we'll be
   able to track down the bug in GTK+.


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