Re: [gtk-list] GTK++ proposal

>   I am extremely eager for the GTK+ authors to agree 
>   to this proposal. Perhaps we could have a GTK+ and 
>   GTK++ toolkit evolving with similar features 

This is the argument that the KDE folks have against
non-OO kits and personally I agree with the KDE folks.

Having a kit written in an OO is not the same thing
as having and kit with OO language bindings like
inheritance and polymorphism.

Both of which are very important in modern GUI kit.

It's going to be interesting how the GTK folks deal
with compound documents without an OO architecture.


>   simultaneously, so that programmers have a real 
>   choice, and so development of more quality free 
>   software can continue without language barriers, 
>   while keeping the GIMP programmers cooking at 
>   what they do so well. 
>   Karol - 

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