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Please, not another C vs. C++ "discussion".

Would-be repliers, do not take the bait :)

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On Tue, 26 Jan 1999 karlmail@usa.net wrote:

> I would like to commend all the authors of the GIMP 
> and GTK+ for creating an excellent widget set for 
> the X Window System. Great work guys! 
> The free software community benefits greatly from 
> your efforts. :-) 
> Below are some thoughts that you may want to consider. 
> After the original GTK toolkit evolved to the GTK+ 
> toolkit, which added object oriented principles to 
> the C language, I feel that now is the right time to 
> go one step further - GTK++ - a C++ version of GTK+. 
> Before I say more, I realise that people are working 
> at creating bindings for C++, and other bindings exist 
> for many other languages as well, however, I believe 
> that many of the bindings created break the original 
> aims of GTK+ - to be a fast, small and efficient 
> toolkit for programming the X Window System. 
> Many bindings created thus far are either extremely 
> criptic, add unrequired code bulk, or are lacking in 
> features found in GTK+. 
> A C++ version would greatly simplify the learning curve 
> of the toolkit, especially in creating new widgets for 
> the library. Theme support for example could be added 
> simply by deriving new classes for each widget 
> containing a modified virtual draw function. 
> I realise that it would put back GTK+ development a 
> while, but the ease at which it would be to program 
> using an object-oriented toolkit in C++ rather than 
> in C would in my opinion be worth the hard work. 
> I am in no way trying to tarnish the image of GTK+. 
> I am simply trying to extend it by thinking towards 
> the future. 
> I am extremely eager for the GTK+ authors to agree 
> to this proposal. Perhaps we could have a GTK+ and 
> GTK++ toolkit evolving with similar features 
> simultaneously, so that programmers have a real 
> choice, and so development of more quality free 
> software can continue without language barriers, 
> while keeping the GIMP programmers cooking at 
> what they do so well. 
> Your thoughts, criticisms and concerns would be 
> greatly appreciated. I would also be very willing 
> to contribute to this work, but I can't do it alone! 
> I feel that many other programmers would be happy to 
> help. Perhaps the Gtk-- and VDK authors could 
> chip in too! 
>   Karol - karlmail@usa.net 
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