Re: [gtk-list] GTK++ proposal wrote:

>   After the original GTK toolkit evolved to the GTK+
>   toolkit, which added object oriented principles to
>   the C language, I feel that now is the right time to
>   go one step further - GTK++ - a C++ version of GTK+.

Go for it if it pleases you (that's what LGPL is for). Nobody of the gtk[--]
developers (AFAIK) would help you! Take a closer look at Gtk--, it's a good
thing. Besides some issues with widget deletion I'm very fond of it.

There's no need for Yet Another Tool Kit (tm). You might as well go and bother
the Qt folks with your rewrite ideas. We have strong reasons to stay with our

>   Many bindings created thus far are either extremely
>   criptic, add unrequired code bulk, or are lacking in
>   features found in GTK+.

Prove now or be silent forever!!!

Christof (maintainer of glade--)

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