Re: [gtk-list] Problem with testgtk in 1.1.13 - fonts and general

> In the font test - when I switch between pixels and
> points, the size list does not switch accordingly.
> When I switch to the Font Information tab, whether
> points or pixels is requested (the other is correctly
> "=") is correct - but the numbers are reversed.  That
> is points is 100 and pixels is 10, and this seems
> backwards.

For 75 dpi fonts, point sizes and pixel sizes are almost the same,
i.e. a 12-point font is the same size as a 12-pixel font.
(If you're using 100dpi fonts they should be different.)

Though if you use a bigger size, you should see slight changes in
the size of the preview text if you switch from pixels to points.

On the font info page, the point size is currently displayed in
deci-points, as that is what is actually used in X fontnames.
It should probably show it in points.
I have a patch to fix it, but GTK 1.1 is frozen so I'll wait a bit
before applying it (unless people are particularly bothered).


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