Re: Problem with testgtk in 1.1.13 - fonts and general

"Ostroff, Jack H" <> writes:

> I finally got 1.1.13 compiled, although for some reason it
> seemed much tougher than 1.1.12.  It's probably my
> imagination - but I kept making all sorts of strange typos
> in configuration.  Anyway - it works, but ...
> When I run testgtk, I get lots of 
>  "Gdk-WARNING **; shmat failed!" messages.
> I've mostly noticed them in the ctree and clist tests.

This could be from several things. It's hard to tell
without knowing more about your system.

If you are Linux, you might have compiled a kernel
with System V IPC disabled, or some other program
might have leaked shared memory segments until you
don't have any left.

In the latter case, the following rmshm script which 
comes with the GIMP sources (it no longer leaks segments
but used to) may be useful.




if test `uname` = "Linux"; then
  shmids=`ipcs -m | grep $user | awk '{ print $1 }'`
  IPCRM="ipcrm shm"
  shmids=`ipcs -m | grep $user | awk '{ print $2 }'`
  IPCRM="ipcrm -m"

for id in $shmids; do
  echo removing shared memory segment: $id
  $IPCRM $id

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