Problem with testgtk in 1.1.13 - fonts and general

I finally got 1.1.13 compiled, although for some reason it
seemed much tougher than 1.1.12.  It's probably my
imagination - but I kept making all sorts of strange typos
in configuration.  Anyway - it works, but ...

When I run testgtk, I get lots of 
 "Gdk-WARNING **; shmat failed!" messages.
I've mostly noticed them in the ctree and clist tests.

In the font test - when I switch between pixels and
points, the size list does not switch accordingly.
When I switch to the Font Information tab, whether
points or pixels is requested (the other is correctly
"=") is correct - but the numbers are reversed.  That
is points is 100 and pixels is 10, and this seems

This is on Sun sparc solaris 2.5.1 with gcc


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