Strange scrolled_window error.

Just started to learn Gtk+, so, after some educaton from the doc's, I
started out testing, and was just about to test the scrolled_window
widget, just to see this error message:

Gtk-Message: gtk_scrolled_window_add(): cannot add non scrollable widget
use gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport() instead

when running my program, and, of course, my nothing got put insde the
scrolled window. Ok, I'm just a newbe on ths, I thought, so, lets take a
look att the example from the tutorial. So, I did a large cut 'n paste
of the whole program and compled. Just to get the same error message!
What is wrong? Since I had not changed _anything_ in the tutorial
source, there is certanly some error n my Gtk+ nstallation. But what?
OK, ths might be because I have the old 1.0.xx version, I thought, and
upgraded to the developement verson. Just to get he same error. So, at
last, I ask you to help me by explainng what I have done wrong and how
to corect it...

P.S. As the code I compiled is in the tutorial, I don't include it here,
and it's probably not in the source the error is anyway... D.S.

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