[gtk-list] Re: check button MS-Windows style.

I wish to point out that international concerns regarding pictogram
representation of things such as checkboxs or boolean buttons are quite valid.
In [Seeing Between the Pixels] by Christine and Thomas Strothotte in section
12.3 [Pictograms and Their Content] (p. 210), they discuss how pictograms/images
are perceived in different cultures. Very interesting read. Perhaps someone else
would have a better reference than mine. The authors Strothotte don't go into
much detail on the issue.


Lars Hallberg wrote:

> <snip previous message>
> But pleas put dots in them not this 'tick' or what it is called. In
> sweden at least thos 'windows' mark indikates 'wrong'. It's a bit
> from the corect asociation ;-)
> And I hope this dont meen radiobutons will be cirkular, like in
> windows (NT 4 at least).
> Square dots in different direktion for check and radio buttons
> will be clear.
> /Lars
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