Re: [gtk-list] Re: Window manager window placement and X modifiers/states

Nicolas GEORGE <> writes:
> I don't know for uposition, but usize gives the minimal size and not the
> prefered size. I think the U stands fot , ie minimal.

The standard X window manager hints contain the properties
"USPosition" and "USSize" (user-specified position and size) and
"PPosition" "PSize" (program-specified position and size).

>From the Xlib book: "The window manager can override the program's
choice of window location or geometry when PPosition or PSize,
respectively, are set, but the user's choices should override the
window manager's choice when USPosition or USSize are set."

Of course, GTK doesn't seem to touch either of these hints:

  /* FIXME: Is there any point in doing this? Do any WM's pay
   * attention to PSize, and even if they do, is this the
   * correct value???
  XSetWMNormalHints (private->xdisplay, private->xwindow,&size_hints);

(from gdkwindow.c)

But I'm guessing set_usize() is based on USSize...


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