Window manager window placement and X modifiers/states

Please confirm for me -I remember reading somewhere that an X client can
request a certain window placement, but it's up to the window manager to
decide if that request gets honored or not.  And if the window manager
doesn't "feel" like putting your window where you asked it to be, that's
the way it's going to be.

I.e. if I call

If the wm is in a good mood, it will make it so.  And if it isn't in a
good mood, then it'll put it wherever the hell it wants. :)  I've been
having some problems with enlightenment being a bastard about where it
puts windows.  From what I've read, it would suggest that there isn't a
way to force the issue.  Is that true?

Also much stranger question for Xlib wizards.  I'm monitoring certain keys
and what modifiers they are pressed with.  Of course when KeyPressEvents
come through, they have a state attached to them which roughly corresponds
to what modifier was pressed with it.  I say "roughly" because normall the
state without any modifier is 0, sometimes it's 16.  With Shift, sometimes
it's 4, sometimes it's 20.  So I can't look for an absolute value, but I
figure the modifiers seem to be unique modulo 16, (i.e. 16 is the same
thing as 0 mod 16 and 20 is the same thing as 4 mod 16)

is it reasonable to assume that most modifiers are going to be that way,
or am I going to get a lot of spurious hits if I just look for the state %
16?  I have no idea why the state is changing from program run to program
run anyway...

Thanks in advance
David Allen Free Software Development
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