file selector

There was some discussion about a better file selection box a week or two ago,
but I don't think anyone actually said they were working on anything (probably

So before I waste a few days, is anyone fiddling with this widget?  I've got
some file selection code left over from an old Motif app I'm starting to put
in. It does the following:

* files-of-type filtering

* a combo widget at the top, rather than the option_menu
    - tab-completion in the combo dir dir names
    - you can put your own stuff in the history list
    - history items show all dirs visited, not just dirs on path to root

* something to automatically set/change the suffix for you 
    - files-of-type is set to TIFF, user types "fred", altered to "fred.tif"
    - files-of-type is changed from TIFF to JPEG/JFIF, file name
      changed from "fred.tif" to "fred.jpg"
    - set files-of-type to all to disable this "feature"

* environment vars in filenames
    - you can put "$PHOTOSHOP_HOME/demos" in the history, for example

* single-click to switch dirs in dir-list
    - heck, I prefer it anyway

* better preservation of the selected filename
    - switching dirs does not zap the filename you typed in, wooo!

John Cupitt,, +44 (0)171 930 2108
VASARI Lab, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN

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