Re: [gtk-list] Re: I want to understand

> > 3) C compiles much faster (and compilation uses less memory) than C++
> I believe that this is true also, although it may not be as much of an
> issue for any system capable of running GTK+/Xwin based apps in the
> first place.

Let me offer some anecdotal evidence: When compiling C code, I have
very rareley seen the process size grow to (or above) 20M. When I let egcs
loose on my terraform program, certain modules result in gcc/egcs growing
to almost 80M in residential memory size. I would expect this to grow even
further as I add more code and I don't consider terraform to be an enspecially
big program ...since this is probably more than your *average* Linux/XWindows
capable machine is equipped with, this is something to be kept in mind ...

I am also slightly disgusted by the fact that my C++ prog is starting to
kernel compile times ... there's a big performance differnece between C and C++
compiling ... although in my experience, the bottleneck is typically the

--> R

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