Re: [gtk-list] Re: DND with CList

Quoting Owen Taylor (

> Aaron Digulla <> writes:
> > I'm writing a boomark sorter for Netscape bookmarks in Gtk.
> > Basically, I show the Bookmark hierarchy on the left in a GtkTree
> > and the Bookmarks themselves in a CList on the right. Now I
> > want to do the same as in an Explorer on Windows: Click on an
> > item in the CList to drag&drop it into a new folder in the Tree.
> > How can I do this ?
> Basicically, DND only currently works on entire widgets.  I'm
> currently working on a rewrite of DND for GTK+-1.2. Until that's
> finished, you'll just have to provide a "Add to Tree" button or
> something.

Hmmm... ugly but I could create a button which I could drop on a
tree item. I guess I can live with such a workaround :-)

I have problems with threads and Gtk+ 1.1.1. Will thread support change
much for 1.2 ?

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