[gtk-list] Re: QSpinBox

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Stephan Krings wrote:

>> I'm trying to use an entry box and two buttons to implement a
>> widget like that of Qt, called QSpinBox: this is an text entry
>> with two small buttons at the right side, one above the other,
>> with arrows pointing up and down, and which, obviously, increment
>> the value of the entry text in one unit.
>hope this isn't disappointing for you, but such a widget already
>exists in GTK. At least for me in 1.0.6. Don't know when it was
>Have a look at gtkspinbutton. I haven't worked with it yet and it
>seems to completely lack documentation, but its usage seems to be
>pretty easy and similar to range-widgets. This is what I've noticed in
>the header-files.

Oops! Yes, I have it also in 1.0.4 (perhaps I should update my
installed gtk+ version). Sorry for the noise in the list.

What about the other question? Is there anybody constructing
composed or from-scratch new widgets? I know from the GIMP, that
the experience with plug-ins was very succesful: everywhere you
can find new plug-ins making all sort of funny things. I mean,
together with the normal development of gtk+ (and all his C++
wrappers) I think it would be nice to have a lot of new widgets.
I write here a list of what I think we could have (most of them
available in Qt, which I was using till now):

- LCD display
- LED display (cool! I saw it in EZWGL)
- standard dialogs (message-box, printer dialog - don't know
  whether they are already ok).
- printer-class (it's important to print things, you know)
- scientific plots (I think I'll try something on this)
- cool-buttons



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