Re: [gtk-list] Re: Proposed widget

"K. Richard Pixley" <> writes:

> My *preference* at the moment, (subject to change momentarily), would
> be to divide widgets into tier 1 and tier 2 (and perhaps "etc").  Tier
> 1 would be basics, often required.  Tier 2 would be "anything else" at
> this point.

One thing we should not overlook is the `matureness' of the widgets.
While I think it would make certain things easier to put everything
into one big library, it would be a huge PITA to have some half-done,
compiles-only-when-you-have-libunreleased0.0.1 widgets break the
compilation of GtkButton.

>From a technical view, and once everything has been installed, I think
it's pretty irrelevent whether the widgets live in one library or in
many.  There is already enough infrastructure in place to deal with
`advanced' build rules, i.e gtk-config.

What is needed is a central repository of widgets, so that everybody
can see what is already available, and what is in the works.  This
would foster code-reuse, a concentration of efforts and, maybe most
important, a consistent look&feel.

> Nope.  Just a professional who's currently dealing with hardware
> designers who use automatic tools to create their hardware
> simulations.
> Follow that?  (*laugh*) Their simulations eventually amount to C code
> which is compiled, then run, on a large pile of regression tests,
> (perhaps 5000 tests at ~1hr run time each).  The actual, human
> generated, source might be less than 2M, produced by ~100 humans
> currently employed in this process.  And given current configurations,
> might take as much as 15 hours to run them all.  (*laugh* Yes.
> parallel execution.  *sigh*).

Yeah, I have been doing something like this for the last half a year.
Simulating a mobile-radio-system on the bit-level.  I never looked at
the size of the binaries, but the boxen there all had something like
2GB RAM.  There must be a reason for that.  Some simulations ran for
about three days.  Takes the fun out of hacking, I tell you.

But what can you do?

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