Re: [gtk-list] Re: Announce : new irc client

> Oh, I would love to be proven wrong on the "take over the screen under X"
> issue.

Why not just open a window whose borders exceed the display limits?  For
instance, if you have a 640x480 display, and you know that the window
manager puts a 20 pixel top border, a 4 pixel bottom border, and 8-pixel
borders on the left and right edges of a window, just open a window from
(-20,-8)->(648,484).  The four edges of the window will be off screen, and
only the client area of the window will be shown.

This is the technique taken by many Macintosh games, if I recall

(Of course, in the Amiga, you'd open a borderless, backdrop window
instead.  This is because AmigaOS doesn't have a virtual coordinate
system, like Mac or X.)

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