Re: [gtk-list] Removing old version of GTK

Ar Wed, Aug 19, 1998 at 09:19:59AM -0400, scriofa Jamie Gerdes:
> I just grabbed GTK+ 1.0.5 so that I could install Gimp on my machine..
> When I went to install Gimp, the configure saw I was running 1.05
> (that's good), but it also found version 1.0.1 (that's bad).  I'm an
> amateur user here, and could really use some help on how I go about
> removing v1.0.1 of GTK.  Can anyone explain...I don't even know where to
> start looking.

 What I've done is:

1) Blasted away all rememnants of GTK GDK and GLIB in all it's forms.
2) Install the RPM/DEB of the latest versions (and listen to any complaints)
3) Then, if you want any other versions (like 1.1.1), stick them in a
    different directory (/usr/gnome/lib/ in my case). Then, when you want
    to build an app with these new ones, instead of the old ones, you can
    just take /usr/gnome/bin to the front of the $PATH when it calls
    gtk-config to find the location of the GTK libs.

 If you are wondering how to get rid of the old versions, they always live
in /usr or /usr/local unless you stuck them elsewhere yourself. So, if you
installed them via source:

 rm -rf /usr/include/gtk /usr/local/include/gtk
 rm -rf /usr/include/gdk /usr/local/include/gdk
 rm -rf /usr/include/glib /usr/local/include/glib
 rm -rf /usr/lib/libgtk* /usr/local/lib/gtk*
 rm -rf /usr/lib/libgdk* /usr/local/lib/gdk*
 rm -rf /usr/lib/libglib* /usr/local/lib/glib*

 Now you know it's all gone, then do a make install from the source tree of
the version you really want to keep. Running ldconfig afterwards is also

 If you installed them via RPM/DEB do a 
    rpm -qa |grep gtk
    rpm --erase <whatever the prev told you>
    rpm -qa |grep glib
    rpm --erase <whatever the prev told you>
 (or whatever)

 And then do the previous one, which gets rid of anything else. Linux isn't
really immune from the Windows "My machine crashes because different apps
installed different libraries" problem, but at least you can recover from


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