ANNOUNCE: yet another gtk+ C++-wrapper

VDK version 0.1 released
VDK stands for Visual Development Kit that "should" make easier using GTK+
in XWindow application development.

Why another C++ wrapper ?
The main reason is my personal satisfaction in writing software, after that since i do
not have a big experience in XWindow and Linux programming i tried to do things
much easier for me.

Is VDK stable ?
Absolutely not, it is in alpha-stage, many bugs was fixed, more added, not 
all widgets are supported. First stable version will be released in October
1998,  following Linux convention will be version 0.2.

 - VDK is much easier than GTK+, code reduction factor should be 3:1, a VDK
 program contains 3 times less code lines than GTK+ counter part and reduction
 factor grows with code complexity.
 - VDK is easier than gtk--  since has an higher abstraction level over GTK+
 - VDK supports "property" concept as more recent RAD tools do. (Borland C++
 Builder, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.)
 - VDK has an automatic signal/event dispatch mechanism, programmers writes
 only class response methods for interested events.
 - VDK relies on a strong documentation.

 - VDK is for the moment incomplete
 - VDK is not so flexible as GTK+ is
 - VDK for the moment does not have a big development team.

You can download VDK 0.1 at URL:

Distribution came complete with a full test program. Even if VDK is incomplete
you can taste it:  your comments, suggestions and why not, complaints,  will be
welcome and help me to decide if continue developing VDK or not.

Mario Motta

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