GDK (was Re: glib)

On Aug 15, Tor Lillqvist decided to present us with:
> No, but they don't go through GLib, but GDK, which is distributed as
> part of GTK. GLib isn't really POSIX or X11 specific at all, and
> trivial to port to Win32, Mac or whatever.

Yes you're right, I meant GDK... please mind it was 6AM after a
sleepless night :-)

> > The purpose of the question is: supposing there was a library
> > that implemented the same interface as glib, say one that runs
> > over something else than X (windoze, macs, whatever), would GTK
> > work with it?
> (You mean "same interface as GDK".) One would hope so. In fact, I
> think people are working on GDK, and thus GTK, ports to Win32.

Great. Now check my crazed rambling: wouldn't it be possible to
do a port of GDK that ran over GGI? [GGIDK? ;-)] I don't think I
need to spell the advantages. But if someone is still wondering,
I can inform you that I run X about three times a week.

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