Re: [gtk-list] glib

> I have a question for people familiarized with GTK sources.
> A simple one, I hope. :-)
> Do GTK make any X calls, that don't go trough glib?

No, but they don't go through GLib, but GDK, which is distributed as
part of GTK. GLib isn't really POSIX or X11 specific at all, and
trivial to port to Win32, Mac or whatever.

> The purpose of the question is: supposing there was a library
> that implemented the same interface as glib, say one that runs
> over something else than X (windoze, macs, whatever), would GTK
> work with it?

(You mean "same interface as GDK".) One would hope so. In fact, I
think people are working on GDK, and thus GTK, ports to Win32. I am
tinkering a little with it myself, too. No, don't ask when it will be
ready, or what the chances of making it actually work are... When
somebody has something ready for testing, it will be announced.


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