RE: [gtk-list] Re: gEdit homepage move

On 06-Aug-98 Didimo Emilio Grimaldo Tunon wrote:
>> Btw, watch out for some major changes RSN, Evan and I are working on a new
>> and
>> improved website for gEdit...
>       Eh, wouldn't it be better to put the effort on gEdit instead? ;-)
> I downloaded the static version I it has lots of GTK vomit-messages
> (you know, the "****WARNING gtk_something: bad thing probably happened ***"
> messages). Otherwise than that it seems fine!

Believe me, we are working on gEdit - I've mostly been working on the homepage
while I'm at work and can't concentrate on actual coding (don't tell my boss :)
You can always get the latest version and see that we're working on it by
checking out GNOME :) As for the static version of gEdit, do you mean the
pre-compiled RPM on the website? If yes, that one is severely out of date,
since it's version 0.3.2 and we're up to 0.4.5... If anyone wants to make an
RPM of the current version that would be great, fraid I can't since I don't use

Evan Lawrence

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