Re: [gtk-list] gEdit homepage move

> due to the fact the previous server we were using to host gEdit has gone (or
> taken) down we have been forced to move...
> gEdit now resides at:
	been there, looks nice.

> Btw, watch out for some major changes RSN, Evan and I are working on a new and
> improved website for gEdit...

	Eh, wouldn't it be better to put the effort on gEdit instead? ;-)
I downloaded the static version I it has lots of GTK vomit-messages
(you know, the "****WARNING gtk_something: bad thing probably happened ***"
messages). Otherwise than that it seems fine!

On a slightly different note... is anybody working on a GUI frontend
to the PRCS (Project RCS) version control system? nice alternative to
CVS but they expect you to manually edit a scheme file everytime you
move or add a file to a project.

			Keep on the good work,

D. Emilio Grimaldo Tunon       Compuware Europe B.V. (Uniface Lab)
Software Engineer	       Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Tel. +31 (0)20 3116 200 ext. 413

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