Upgrading GTK+ on RedHat 5.0 machine

Hi All.

I was just wondering if anyone has overcome the problem of upgrading
GTK+ on a RedHat 5.0 machine without affecting apps such as control

Each time I have tried to upgrade to a version of GTK+ higher than 1.0.0
on a RedHat 5.0 installation there are then problems with control panel
(it just won't run).  I found out some info on this from the GIMP
archives, but I haven't found a fix and I need to upgrade GTK+ now.

Does anyone have any suggestions...?

Thanks in advance,

Kristian R. Ashton - Information Technology Officer
Land Operations Division
Electronics & Surveillance Research Laboratory
Defence Science & Technology Organisation
Tel:   +61.8.8259-7318
Fax:   +61.8.8259-5055

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