Re: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: gtk+ repository updated/revised

I find the repository somewhat hard to navigate.  I think it
would be useful if when you click on browse you are presented
with application categories.  When you click on a category you
get a list of apps with one line descriptions.  Clicking on that
application name gives you a page with information like the
web page and ftp site, and a fuller description (including code

The ID is useless information and should not be shown ever.  Maintainer
and originial author, although important, are not what the user 
will be looking for when browsing the database and as such should
not be shown in the list, but on the app page instead.

Changes should be a free-for-all, but should be reviewed before
they are actually made.  
  Step 1: select app from list (or update link in the apps page)
  Step 2: change info, submit
  Step 1: select from list of suggested changes
  Step 2: changes are reviewed (web page interface).  If they seem
          correct, reviewer clicks submit and change is applied.


On Sun, 2 Aug 1998, Sergei O. Naoumov wrote:

> Hi!
> I finally caught some time and updated Gtk+ repository pages. Visit them
> at:
> There are a few new features:
> 	- On-line editing. You can edit the contents of the database
> 	  yourself.
> 	- I added a separate table for the code specific details. I hope
> 	  this one will develop further with your help, obviously. At this
> 	  time I have the following parts:
> 	  	1. GNOME awareness flag. GNOME applications are welcome!
> 		2. A widget list. I followed a discussion in the list about
> 	  	   this and decided it really would be a good idea to have
> 		   this feature. Applications will be the live examples of
> 		   the widget usage.
> 	- fixed small things that people told me about. I hope I included
> 	  everything.
> As always, drop me a line if you have any word of wisdom for me. :-)
> 	Sergei
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