ANNOUNCE: gtk+ repository updated/revised

I finally caught some time and updated Gtk+ repository pages. Visit them

There are a few new features:

	- On-line editing. You can edit the contents of the database
	- I added a separate table for the code specific details. I hope
	  this one will develop further with your help, obviously. At this
	  time I have the following parts:
	  	1. GNOME awareness flag. GNOME applications are welcome!
		2. A widget list. I followed a discussion in the list about
	  	   this and decided it really would be a good idea to have
		   this feature. Applications will be the live examples of
		   the widget usage.
	- fixed small things that people told me about. I hope I included

As always, drop me a line if you have any word of wisdom for me. :-)


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