Re: [gtk-list] Re: ANNOUNCE: gtk+ repository updated/revised

> I find the repository somewhat hard to navigate.  I think it
> would be useful if when you click on browse you are presented
> with application categories.  When you click on a category you

I would agree with that. But the number of applications is not large
(yet, hopefully), and it is not really clear for me what groups
should I make. Very general ones? network, games, misc?

> The ID is useless information and should not be shown ever.  Maintainer
> and originial author, although important, are not what the user 
> will be looking for when browsing the database and as such should
> not be shown in the list, but on the app page instead.

Well, may be, may be not. I could move those to the code part...

> Changes should be a free-for-all, but should be reviewed before
> they are actually made.  

I was trying to make this thing as autonomous as possible. :-)

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